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08/14/2012 15:25

Your spine is probably one of the most delicate yet fundamental bone structures in the human body. It is home to the spinal cord, which is the main messenger that sends signals from the brain to almost all parts of the body. The spine is composed of seven vertebrae, that begins at the base of the neck and extends all the way down to the thoracic spine, and is also stabilized by an connective structure of muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Another function of the cervical spine is to provide mobility to the neck, allowing for controlled rotation and flexion. This cervical vertebra is generally very durable and resistant to the injury, only requiring treatment due to continual wear and tear.

Cervical Spine Surgery can help relieve any pain, numbness, or weakness, restore nerve function, and correct any abnormal motion in your spine. First, you must come in for an initial consultation. Here, your surgeon can perform a physical examination where he will assess your general health, discuss your medical history, and inquire about any prior surgeries you have had. Then you will undergo an x-ray exam to locate the exact location of the damage, and the specific bone segments that must be treated. He will then discuss with you exactly what will take place during the procedure, what possible complications may occur, and the expected postoperative course.

The same preliminary steps must be taken with patients that need lumbar spine surgery in Los Angeles. The lumbar spine is the largest portion of the vertebral column; wider and thicker than other sections of the spine. Due to its location on the lower back, it is more susceptible to injury, or pain and pressure from everyday movements. Those who have experienced constant lower back pain are receiving it from this spinal segment.

No matter how subtle or severe, both cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery will treat and restore your spine to good health. Because the spinal cord is composed of multiple segments, each one depends on the other one to coordinate for proper functioning. And in between these segments are soft, malleable cartilages that serves to absorb shock If one or more fragment are deteriorated, the natural process would be to remove the damaged bone and replace with a bone graft, taken from the hip bone. This will cause the two vertebral bodies to connect together into a longer bone.

After your cervical spine surgery, you will be required to rest in bed for a few days and practice a routine physical therapy to maintain mobility and flexibility. And full recovery will take about five weeks.

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