How to face the Spine Surgery

12/13/2012 13:33

Although human bones have evolved to prepare us for the most extreme cases, the fact is that we are not built to be invincible. The spinal cord has an important function in our body. It is responsible for sending messages that go back and forth between the brain and the rest of the body. Messages transmitting pain, muscle movement, touch, vibration of internal organs all relay through the spinal cord. After spinal cord damage, strength, sensation, and other body functions may also be affected in the results of the damage. Those who experience spinal cord damage could feel as though every aspect of their life has been affected, but by calling an orthopedic surgeon, they could determine which spine surgery in Los Angeles is right for you. The type of surgery that you undergo will determine the process of your healing tim

Expect three weeks to a couple of months to fully recover from spinal cord surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and area of the spine that was damaged, recovery times vary. Degenerative Disc Disease in Los Angeles is an example of a spine surgery that various in recovery time. Your condition after the surgery will determine how long you stay immediately after surgery in the hospital. It could be anywhere from as short as a week to lengths of two weeks. Those with severe damage to the spinal cord should expect to stay longer for monitoring. The day immediately after surgery is generally dedicated to rest. Pain medicine is administered, in addition to a liquid diet until your body adjusts back to normal. Expect the body to adjust back to normal on the second day when pain medications are lowered and regular meals could be given. Depending on the severity of the damage, rehabilitation can vary from minor to extensive. Those with more severe damages will undergo different programs of rehabilitation but in general, your initial rehabilitation program will consist of a lot of walking which is the best physical activity for surgery patients. Contact your physician to find out in better detail what to expect from the surgery.

Often times, we neglect going to the doctor because we are too proud, embarrassed, or feel as though the damage is not a big issue. Spinal cord damage is not a condition to over look due to the major consequences that could result from ignoring the pain. If you suspect that you have spinal cord damage, contact a physician immediately, here are some things that may indicate whether you need to see a doctor:

  • Extreme back pain or numbness along the back of the leg
  • Bulging spinal cord, especially after an accident
  • When conservative measures fails to treat or relieve back pain

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