Spinal Degeneration Surgery

03/09/2012 17:58


Many people experience daily back pain for various reasons.  Although many people struggle with this daily pain they still do not take proper care of themselves.  It is important to find out what the cause of your back pain is.  There are a lot of different places in the body that Arthritis may occur and, the back and neck is one common place. 


Many individuals over the age of fifty will experience Spine Degeneration, which is the same thing as Arthritis.  Having to experience some degree of Spine Degeneration is not always incapacitating but, it can make life more difficult when dealing with pain.  It truly helps to maintain a fit figure because otherwise you may damage your spine. 


When you’re overweight it has negative impact on your spine. This negative impact from being overweight can trigger the Arthritis.  As much as we all may think back pain may come from working out, not working out can have worse issues.  Specially if your daily career involves sitting in front of a PC for long periods of time. 


After a period of time not working out properly or enough, sitting for too long in the wrong position, or driving for long periods of time can be the cause. It’s helpful to understand your back structure so that you’re more aware.  The back is complex and made up of various bones, a structure that consists of 26 vertebrae.  If you take all precautions and still have issues with your back then you may consider spine surgery.


If you feel you have back pain or neck pain that gets in the way of your daily life then you should really consider Spine Surgery.  Having to deal with daily neck and back pain may get in the way of your social and economic life, as well as work routine.  Surgery may be required if degenerative changes to the spine are severe and progressive.  Surgery is your best bet if the function of the spinal cord or nerve roots is threatened. 


If there is severe and persistent pain that goes down the arm or leg that’s associated with weakness of limbs you need surgery.  If you are only able to have limited activity or anti-inflammatory medication and spine injection treatments fail then you should consider surgery. Having spine surgery when it’s done by experienced hands and the right tools is safe.  Additionally, with better technology the openings are smaller and the tools used are finer.  Monitoring the nerves during spine surgery is another helpful procedure that reduces risks. 


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