The consequences of spinal cord surgery

10/16/2012 16:18
Let’s get back to normal. Most patients that undergo cervical spine surgery can expect great results and return back to daily activities soon after their surgery. Cervical spine surgery is a procedure to correct cervical vertebrae and cervical spine problems. Symptoms that a patient may experience to indicate that surgery is needed may be numbness, pain, and weakness, so much so that even writing may be impossible. The consequences of not performing surgery are detrimental, and in some cases can lead to paralysis and death. Contact a physician to examine the compression of the spinal cord in Los Angeles and confirm whether surgery is needed.
Most procedures require one to two days stay in the hospital depending on the type of cervical spine procedure that was use to correct your spinal cord. During this time in the hospital, a physical therapist will work closely with you to help guide you back towards independence. Patients are often encouraged to stand and sit within twenty-four hours after the surgery. The therapist will begin by helping you move safely in your bed or sitting up. Once your body is ready for greater movement, the therapist will gradually ease your body to walking.
 Patients should not try to overdo it for the first few times they get up or walk. In order to maximize healing, static tightening or ankle pump exercises may be done to ease soreness or prevent blood clots. It is important to remember to breathe deeply to better lung capacity and circulation. This aids with the overall motion and prevents muscle soreness and tightening. Patients heal faster when they exercise their breathing and muscles. In addition, ice packs could be applied before and after therapy treatments to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Search for a specialist that performs spinal cord surgery in Los Angeles to not only relief the symptoms of cervical spinal cord damage, but also cure and eliminate the risk of not getting it.
 It is important to strictly follow the physician’s instructions after surgery. The physician may instruct you to wear a neck brace to keep your neck bones in line or support the weight of your head while you are healing. Let your physician know if your neck brace is uncomfortable or whether it is causing any discomfort. Healing from a cervical spine surgery should be quick, and by wearing your neck brace properly in addition to getting enough rest, you should expect a quick recovery.

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